Mother’s Day – May 14th, 2017

May 14, 2017 5:44 pm

The Mother’s Day Story

The Mother’s Day holiday has an interesting story behind it. The idea of celebrating and honoring mothers came about in the year 1905, was first celebrated in 1908 and was formally recognized in all states by the year 1911. In the year 1914 Woodrow Wilson opted to sign a proclamation. This proclamation declared that Mother’s Day would be held on the second Sunday in the month of May and was an official national holiday.

This all came about because Anna Jarvis, a peace activist who had cared for wounded soldiers during the American Civil War, opted to hold a memorial for her own mother at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church. The church is located in Grafton, West Virginia and now houses the International Mother’s Day Shrine. Anna wanted to honor her mother and all mothers by setting aside a special day. She held the belief that a mother would do more for her own child than anyone else in the world.

The Mother’s Day idea caught on due Anna’s tireless efforts. She also created Mother’s Day Work Clubs to address public health issues.

Mother’s Day is celebrated by many countries on different dates, but the core purpose is the same, to honor motherhood and mothers. The influence of a mother is powerful in the eyes of many.


A Mother’s Day to Remember

This year and every year after can be a Mother’s Day to remember. Consider including the following creative Mother’s Day ideas in your family celebration:

  • A memory menu; try planning an entire day’s worth of tasty meals that are meaningful to the mother or mothers you are honoring. How about serving up a favorite soup? A childhood dessert? Recreate a memorable meal that you shared together. Gratitude cards can be included with each meal too. Write a reason to be grateful to the mother of the house and serve it with the meal.
  • A video tribute; create a Mother’s Day video together. Host an on-camera interview. Share special memories on the video. Add happy music and tape a special celebration including everyone in your home. Make it special.
  • A Mother’s Day shadowbox; try to find or make some sentimental knickknacks along with some meaningful souvenirs or mementos and place them in a decorated shadowbox to display them. You can include invitations, pictures from a fantastic vacation and so much more. This will be a memorable display of affection.
  • A Mother’s Day adventure; plan an adventure in a park, by the lake, on a bike, take a hike or simply plan a picnic adventure. Be sure to choose the adventure that the mother of the house will love. Perhaps a spa day, window shopping at the mall, a visit to a botanical garden or museum will appeal to the mother or mothers in your life. This is their big day, so make sure that what you do is for them.
  • No matter what you do, make sure you TELL the mother in your life what she means to you, on this day and at every opportunity. Your words and love will mean more to her than anything else you can do or give.