Kid Passport – take your child around the world, no airfare required

March 5, 2018 6:30 am

Exposing children to other cultures is a wonderful way to cultivate their minds and open them to countless possibilities in the world. Your Au Pair may be the first person they met who resided outside of the United States and I’m sure this experience is full of excitement and questions. A great way to feed and encourage a continuous curiosity is to explore more. A fun
way to do this is with a Kid Passport. Now this isn’t an actual passport from the US Department of State, but a fun way to show your children how to travel with their minds with books, through research and media like movies and YouTube.

With some construction paper or color print paper you can use these templates to make their learning passports. The website has a wonderful template and ideas on how to use books to share the world with your children. Reading stories can lead to understanding and appreciation for others who don’t look like you and have a diverse background. .  The US Travel department offers a fun
youth passport that includes activities that help your child learn more about other countries.

Your community is a great place to also explore other cultures and people who have traveled far and wide to reside in the United States. Contacting your local United Way or your local visitors center can give you the leads you need to attend events and learn more about others. These events can qualify your child for a stamp in their passport and a chance to meet new
people. Try a restaurant in your area that promotes authentic cuisines and this can become a country visited in their now getting full passport. Take time to meet the owner and share your  fun exploration, you may find yourself learning more than you could ever imagine and first hand.

Children of this generation are experts of YouTube and can probably help you with this idea. Use the ‘you’re the star’ platform to find stories, tv shows and travel videos to learn. Try to find videos that give great detail, hosted by kids or help to make learning fun. After viewing and discussing with your child, allow them a stamp in their lovely passport. The library is also a
wonderful place to check out movies, videos and books that can peek the interest of your young world traveler.

There are countless ways to make the world a bit closer with your children and of course the best one is near by… “Hello my wonderful Au Pair can you share some fun things about your home country?”


By Lawanda Stevenson