Holiday Safety

November 8, 2017 10:50 am

The holiday season is filled with family, meals, charity , presents and danger. Yes, I said danger. Not always the kind that requires a call to the boys in blue but still some very scary situations if you don’t have awareness and safeguards in place. Many of us get swept into the wonder of the season and the shiny beautiful things, sometimes forgetting to look at the hazards that can be lurking right in front of our eyes. Chocking potentials, poisonous encounters and flame throwing surprises can quickly change your mood from full of glee to why me.

Protecting young children from swallowing items that can cause them to choke may seems like an uphill struggle. Although daunting, it must be constantly on your mind for the safety of your children, visiting children and even pets. Hazards can be hiding on your Christmas tree, in holiday snacks and even the gifts you have wrapped so beautifully.

When choosing ornaments for your tree, watch for items that can break, that have small pieces that a child can grab and swallow as well as lights that can tangle and cause a child to get caught and fall. Pine needles from live trees may injure a child with cuts and tree “icing” can cause rashes and injures too. For those with smaller children and curious pets, placing a small gate around your holiday tree can allow you to share its beauty without the fear of its danger.

Allergies, choking and poison can be lingering at your beautifully decorated table. A vibrant red poinsettia can bring color and cheer to your food presentation but you must remember that it’s poisonous and should be out of reach for the children and pets. A fake plant and even artificial mistletoe may be a better option for enhancing the kids area. Be aware of the symptoms of poisoning and keep emergency numbers like poison control where you can grab them in a hurry. (More info ). Nuts and berries are often on the allergy lists of many, be vocal and ask your guests before preparing the meals and snacks.

Fire accidents are also a large concern during the holidays. Make sure your decorations are not a part of a company’s recall, have loose wires or hang near items that can catch on fire. Candles need to be checked and out of the reach of being knocked over or handled by anyone enjoying the festivities without paying attention. Battery powered alternatives can be a great choice to set the ambiance while reducing injury by flame.

(Product Recall info )

The holidays can already seem like a hectic and stressful time, however making the experience safe has to be a priority.