Become a Host Family

Getting Started – Hosting an Au Pair

Finding an Au Pair with our global exchange program is easy and efficient! Au Pair Foundation has a simple application process in place and we are with you every step of the way so you can find an Au Pair for you and your family. Once you apply online (this should not take more than 2 minutes), one of our experienced matching experts will be in touch with you to discuss what type of Au Pair candidate you are looking for. He or she will work with you and listen closely, search for the best possible Au Pairs to match your needs, and present them to you as well as guide you through the interview process. Unlike with other Au Pair agencies in the U.S., you are the only family matching with a candidate and you don’t have to compete with other families for your favorite Au Pair. We are transparent about how much time you have to interview your favorite candidate and you are the only family speaking to this future Au Pair. Here are the steps to review so you can become an Au Pair host family:

  1. Complete initial host family application for access to full profiles of Au Pairs
  2. Call with one of our experienced Au Pair & Host Family Matching Experts
  3. Conduct interviews with Au Pair candidates
  4. Choose your final Au Pair
  5. Fill in the remainder of your host family application
  6. Welcome your Au Pair to your family