Educare Program

Cost Breakdown Au Pair Program

Standard Care (45 hours) Educare (30 hours)
Paid to Au Pair Foundation
New Host Family Application Fee $250.00 $250.00
New Host Family Program Fee $8,300.00 $7,600.00
Paid to your Au Pair
Weekly Stipend of $195.75 $10,179.00
Weekly Stipend of $146.81 $7,634.12
Yearly Cost (per family, not per child) $18,729.00 $15,484.12
Monthly Cost (per family, not per child) $1,560.75 $1,290.34
Weekly Cost (per family, not per child) $360.17 $297.77
Hourly Cost (per family, not per child) $8.00 $9.93

Additional Considerations

If you  need your Au Pair arrive this summer, host one of our Au Pairs from Sweden or France available to arrive in August and save $1,000 if you match by May 31! ( a new host family only)

Au Pair Foundation gives you a generous $800 flight allowance towards your Au Pair’s international airfare to and from your home. You may choose to use your frequent flyer miles if you prefer.

The U.S. Department of State regulations require au pairs to take 6 credit hours from an accredited secondary institution during their stay and the host family is responsible for paying up to $500 towards the cost of these classes ($1,000 for Educare).

Should you require your Au Pair to drive as part of her duties, it is your responsibility to add them to your current insurance policy. Families are required to provide their Au Pair with room and board as well.

Promotions for our new families:

• Switching Agency – total $800
• Military family – total $400
• Pre-match Au Pair – total $300
• Multiples – total $300
• Adoptive Family – total $200

Promotions cannot be combined.

Repeat family discount – up to $2,100

Installment plans available for all except 6 and 9 month extension.

Installment plan for Standard Program
Installment plan Educare program

Feel free to call us with any questions you might have.