Childcare Comparison

Au Pair Foundation Day Care Nanny
About $350 per week (per family, not per child) Cost depends on number of children and where you live. Cost depends on number of children and where you live.
Up to 45 hours of childcare per week: A set number of childcare hours when you need them. Lack of night or weekend coverage, no childcare when children are sick or during snow days. Inflexible schedules, set hours.
Flexible scheduling: The ability to create your own schedule Varies, usually comes at a high cost.
A government-regulated childcare program Depends Depends
Low caregiver-to-child ratio: Knowledge that your children receive all your caregiver’s attention every single day.
Assistance with Child Care Related Household Chores: Your au pair can help with your kids’ laundry & room pick up, meal preparation as well as homework Household duties might be performed by nanny for additional fee
Year-long Support: our LCRs will support you and your family.
Opportunity for cultural exchange: Your entire family will learn about your au pair’s home country, language and culture Depends Depends
Convenience of live-in caregiver Varies
24-hour-on-call service: Our 24/7 phone service allows you to reach us in case of emergency