Can I give my au pair a “curfew” ?

Host families, especially those new to having au pairs, often struggle with the “curfew” question.   We could easily say “Yes” or “No” and leave it at that, but we realize that there are many factors that can and should be considered before trying to give an au pair restrictions around their socializing and personal time….

Why does my au pair need a Social Security number?

One of the questions new host families frequently asks is “Why does my au pair need a Social Security number?”  The quick and easy answer (but not the only answer) is:  Because the Department of State says so.   There are obligations that go with being part of the J-1 Visa program and being invited to…

Au Pairs and Driving

There are sections in the Host Family and Au Pair guides regarding driving but this blog post will provide a quick and easy reference that you may find very helpful. Insurance You must ensure that your au pair is covered by your automobile insurance policy. Au Pair Foundation asks that your au pair be a…

Why can’t we all just get along?

You’ve matched with an au pair and everything is wonderful.  He or she is so excited to be coming! Your entire family is ready to welcome them!  The room is prepared, plans are made.  The kids are asking if “today is the day”, every day.  Time has never moved so slowly. You and your au…


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