Standard Au Pair Program

Benefits of Hosting an Au Pair

Being a host family for an Au Pair means welcoming a new family member into your home. As the host family of an Au Pair, you are trusting them with the care of your children and related household chores. Our Au Pairs are recent secondary school graduates, proficient in English, and have extensive prior babysitting, day care center, and sibling care experience. In exchange for the childcare services they will perform, you as the host family will be responsible for providing a private room as well as a cultural exchange experience for the Au Pair. In effect, the purpose of us as an Au Pair agency is to make sure all parties benefit from one another and are being exposed to another language and overall culture.

  • Flexibility: Au Pair childcare is the most flexible childcare service option available: Au Pair childcare adapts to your individual family schedule & overall childcare needs. An Au Pair can work in the morning to get your children ready for school, make breakfast, and drive your children to school while you get ready for work. She/he can then take a break until it is time to pick up your children from school. The Au Pair’s schedule is up to you and your host family’s childcare requirements. Additionally, your Au Pair is available during sick and snow days.
  • 45 hours of childcare per week at a fixed cost, no matter how many children you have: Unlike daycare or nannies, the costs for an Au Pair don’t increase by the number of children you have. As a host family, you will receive top-rated Au Pair childcare services at a designated expense.
  • Customizable childcare in concert with your family values: You continue to determine your children’s routines, what your children eat, what they learn, and how they are being raised. As an Au Pair host family, you still have the luxury of deciding whom your children are with and what they are doing such as having play dates or taking part in extra-curricular activities.
  • An enriching educational experience via daily exposure to another culture and language: Our Au Pair program will allow your entire family the opportunity to learn about your Au Pair’s culture, country, and language. Both parties can look forward to learning from one another and creating a bond for years to come.
  • Au Pairs are here to help with household childcare related chores: Your Au Pair can help you with the morning routine, school drop off, room cleanup, kids’ laundry, grocery shopping, meals, activities, and homework. Many of our host parents are happy to say, “it is so nice to come home to be able to play with my kids instead of having to worry about what they are going to eat or wear the next day.”
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Host Family Stories

The Au Pair Foundation is always striving to create high-quality childcare services throughout the United States. Our Au Pair agency has served host families ranging from New York City, to Little Rock, Arkansas, to Portland, Oregon. Are you looking for an Au Pair in Stamford, CT? How about Au Pair services in Washington, D.C.? Our Au Pair work across America is very extensive and we have the resources to fulfill your needs. Don’t take our word though, read several host family testimonials below to learn more about the Au Pair experiences we can help provide:

Au Pair Host Family in Maryland – Owsiany Family:

The Owsiany family of Maryland, is hosting an Au Pair for the second year. Their Au Pair, Marisol, is from Argentina in South America. Since both Owsiany parents work full-time, Marisol takes care of their child, Nora. This is where Marisol really shines. “The care she provides Nora is greater than anything we could have hoped for,” say the Owsiany parents. They go on to say, “If you ask Nora who her best friend is, she will tell you (Mari)Sol.” Sol has been very proactive in making sure that Nora is learning and developing at a rate commensurate with her age. So much so, that’s she’s leaps and bounds above where she should be. Nora’s Spanish is as good as her English and I’m not sure there’s a kid-friendly attraction in DC that she hasn’t been to with Sol. Whether it’s trips to the Zoo, the National Aquarium, Port Discovery, or the recent ice skating lessons that they’re taking together (Sol’s an outstanding skater), they have become inseparable and Marisol’s Au Pair experience with the family has made Nora the most engaged 2 year-old I’ve ever met.”

Wei Family:

“I would like to highly recommend Au Pair Foundation for our great experience with their European origin Au Pairs. They screen and select their Au Pair candidates in a very thorough manner and take every little detail seriously. After Au Pair Foundation matches the host family with the Au Pair, they also make sure that the candidates take all the required trainings and get ready for transitioning to another country and a new family to live with. Throughout the year, Au Pair Foundation always provides reliable and continuous support to both the family and the Au Pair. We think that their Au Pair service is excellent as a cultural exchange program and a wonderful program in general, especially through the Au Pair Foundation.”

Au Pair Myths

There are lots of misconceptions and myths about Au Pairs and the overall Au Pair program services. Most people have heard of Au Pairs, yet there is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to who they are, what they can do and cannot do. As a result, many people don’t even consider Au Pair services when it comes to childcare. Here are some common misconceptions about hosting foreign students through an Au Pair agency such as ourselves:

  • Au Pairs are only for the rich: FALSE. The truth is that Au Pairs are not just for the wealthy. Au Pairs are not nannies whose pay is determined by where you live or by the number of children you have. Our American host families hold a variety of jobs and understand that childcare is one of their biggest expenses, which is why they choose to have Au Pair exchange program services. The average weekly cost of hosting an Au Pair is just $350 per week, regardless of the number of children a family has. In many communities across the U.S., this figure is much less expensive than day care or a nanny, especially for families with more than one child.
  • Having an Au Pair means that a host family loses all privacy: FALSE. The truth is that your Au Pair should feel like part of your family so we will work together to make sure she/he is a great fit. While you include your Au Pair in family activities and celebrations, you will notice that your Au Pair will also enjoy spending much of their free time with her/his friends. Au Pairs have a need for their own privacy and social lives as well so this entire experience is meant for both parties to enjoy many of the normal luxuries of everyday life.
  • Au Pairs come to the U.S. just to have fun: FALSE. The truth is that Au Pairs join our exchange program because they enjoy children and want to experience life with an American family. Au Pairs also have the drive to learn new skills and to especially improve their English language abilities. Good English skills usually translate into better employment opportunities for Au Pairs back home.
  • Au Pairs are like babysitters: FALSE. The truth is that Au Pairs have 200+ hours of documented childcare experience and have passed a demanding screening process including a criminal background check. Unlike a babysitter, Au Pairs expect to help with chores related to the children as well as normal household activities including laundry, meals, and cleaning up the host family’s home.
  • If there are any problems, we as the host family are alone: FALSE. The truth is that we provide you with a year-round Local Coordinator support person who lives within 60 minutes from your home. Our Au Pair support service & office staff will help with any mediation assistance as well other necessary needs.


Do you have questions about our Au Pair program? Well, we have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ. Do you have any additional questions about our Au Pair services? Please contact us to speak directly with a member of the Au Pair Foundation team who can help you get the answers you need.