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Matching Philosophy

Au Pair Foundation believes in personalized, one-to-one service for all program participants. For Host Families, this starts with the first phone call and carries through the matching process and during the program year. Host Families work with one member of the Au Pair Foundation team during the matching process. A relationship is developed between the Host Family and Au Pair Foundation, which results in solid matches between the Host Family and their Au Pair. We believe that taking the time to get to know our Host Families and Au Pairs creates a lasting relationship for everyone and successful matches year after year.

Matching Process

Once Au Pair Foundation receives the Host Family’s application, we review the Host Family’s needs and present suitable Au Pairs from our applicant pool. The Host Family will be able to evaluate Au Pairs based on the entire Au Pair application and contact those that interest them.  Au Pair Foundation staff will help to set up interviews between Host Families and Au Pairs and will work closely with the Host Family during the matching process to keep the process moving smoothly and quickly. The Department of State regulations require that the Host Family personally interview possible Au Pairs by phone and have at least two conversations prior to making their final Au Pair selection.

A Host Family may view as many Au Pair applications as they wish at any given time.  The speed of the matching process is personalized to the Host Family.  Au Pair Foundation staff is happy to accommodate the needs of the Host Family.

Once the Host Family selects an Au Pair, Au Pair Foundation makes arrangements for the J-1 visa, air travel and pre-arrival training.  We continue to update the Host Family with information in anticipation of the Au Pair’s arrival.  The Local Community Representative also stays in close contact with the Host Family and Au Pair and prepares to the welcome the Au Pair to the United States.

Matching Au Pairs and Families for a lifetime!

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