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Host Family Testimonials

Au Pair Foundation Host Families are always eager to share their experiences.  These testimonials will give you better insight into how Host Families use and enjoy the Au Pair program.

Host Family Wei:

I would like to highly recommend Au Pair Foundation for our great experience with their European origin au pairs. They screen and select their candidates in a very thorough manner and take every little detail seriously. After the match, they also make sure that the candidates take all the required trainings and get ready for transitioning to another country and a new family to live with. Throughout the year, Au Pair Foundation always provides reliable and continuous support to both the family and the au pair. We think that their service is excellent as a cultural exchange program.  


Host Family Allen:

“I wanted to let you know I gave your info to a family in Kiowa. She is a CFO at the hospital and he is the Health Inspector for the region.  They have twin girls.  She called and spoke with me at length about the program.  I told her all the magnificent aspects and that having an Au Pair handle the children’s laundry, cleaning their rooms, and cooking for the them has allowed us to come home and spend quality time with the kids as opposed to rushing around to get everything done.  It’s been wonderful for the family as well as our marriage.

Just so you know, I so appreciate you, and I tell everyone I talk with that has children to consider the Au Pair program as it’s the way to go for childcare and cultural exchange.  Most have never heard of it, so want to learn more.  Brenda also talks about it a lot, especially in the area we live as there is NO childcare available because the only daycare is full with a year waiting list.”


Host Family Caragol-Hartwell:

“We found our Au Pair through Au Pair Foundation and we decided it was the right fit.  They have been very supportive and responsive with us.  They had educated us about the Au Pair process, helped our Au Pair find a wonderful circle of friends, and most importantly influenced and helped her renew so we have our fabulous Au Pair for another year!


Host Family R. Seth:

“The au pair program has provided our family, especially our children, with a wonderful international, multi-cultural experience.  Our your children are exposed to a foreign language every day.  There is a wonderful exchange of cultural information between our family and our au pair.  Having a line-in au pair makes our household run more smoothly.  My husband and I can complete our work knowing that our children are well taken care of in our home by an experienced au pair who loves and care for them deeply.”

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