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Become a Host Family

Are you interested in welcoming an au pair into your home? If you want to be a host family, you have come to the right place because Au Pair Foundation’s main purpose is to connect American families with international au pairs who provide live-in child care.

The European tradition of “Au Pair” has existed for years and has proven to be an effective way for families to get quality child care while expanding intercultural understanding. Hosting an au pair is a fulfilling endeavor and as a top au pair agency, it is our goal to make sure you experience premium au pair services.

In French, Au Pair means “on par”, which represents one of the primary objectives of our program–to provide “equal” cultural exchange for Au Pairs and American Host Families. Just as Europeans have learned about their neighbors through Au Pair exchanges, American Host Families now have a world of opportunity to enrich their children’s education and cultural understanding while providing Au Pairs from around the world with the chance to work and learn about the United States. Contact us today to become a host family as it is our pleasure to match you with our amazing au pairs.

Support Throughout The Year

Au Pair care can be extremely rewarding and it is our goal to have the host family and au pair relationship create a lasting bond. Just like any relationship, we understand that it may take time to develop so we are always near to help provide support. When you become a host family through the Au Pair Foundation, au pairs will have the opportunity to spend up to two years with you so we are here to help provide top au pair and host family services to make sure both parties get the most out of the cultural program.

In effect, the first few months are especially important for the success of this cultural exchange. Your Local Community Representative will lead Au Pairs and Host Families through Pre-and Post-Arrival Orientations and monthly contact thereafter. Getting off to a good start and establishing open communication will ensure a successful year while hosting an au pair. In the beginning, many questions will arise and finding the right answer is just a small part of what the Local Community Representative will help you do.

Throughout the 12-month program, Au Pairs and Host Families receive:

  • Continuous support from our Local Community Representative, APF Field Staff and APF National Headquarters.
  • Monthly contact maintained throughout the year by Local Community Representatives that makes sure both Au Pairs and Host Families are happy and satisfied with the program.
  • If differences arise, Local Community Representatives play an important role in the mediation process by working with Au Pairs and Host Families to find solutions.

If you are looking to get started as a host family in America, read more about the host family process and even review some of our most frequently ask questions about our au pair agency.

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