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Bringing people together is a wonderful endeavor and here at the Au Pair Foundation, it is our mission to join families across the U.S. with only the best international Au Pairs. Our global network of resources allows us to continuously link host families with motivated Au Pairs looking to share their culture while helping you with premium childcare services. The bond and lasting impressions that arise by forming these relationships are beneficial for all parties involved. The Au Pair Foundation is always striving to be the best Au Pair agency in the U.S. so contact us today and we can help make a connection that will last a lifetime.

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Whether you are a busy family, a large family, or simply looking to experience what goes into being a host family for an Au Pair, we understand your need of a helping hand when it comes to childcare services. Choosing the right childcare is one of the most important decisions parents can make so we at Au Pair Foundation perform our due diligence to match you up with the best Au Pair candidates. We want to secure all host families flexible, reliable, and loving care. Hosting an Au Pair with Au Pair Foundation comes with these benefits as well as an opportunity to expose the entire family to another culture and language. Learn more about our Au Pairs and the Au Pair Foundation difference.